Strategic Partnership


Over recent years Eden Search & Select have developed a strategic partnership with Carr’s Group plc exclusively working with them to implement their executive management succession plan. The Eden team have been focused on a range of critical projects to the group to find the next generation of new talent and business leaders to lead the business following retirements and role changes through the personal development plans. These key appointments had many subtle areas to consider as the potential candidates had not only to bring sound experience and management capability to the roles but also needed to be strong leaders capable of winning the hearts and minds of the team. As a technically driven business it was also important to have potential candidates who had specific knowledge of their sector.

The relationship we  have built with Eden is genuinely strategic and the value for Carr’s Group in that relationship is that the team at Eden understand our business, our plans for the future and therefore are constantly searching for the talent that we want to attract into our Group. We believe great recruitment is one of the most important activities we undertake and therefore we have taken steps to establish a different relationship with Eden that effectively enables them to operate as if they were ’in house’, to create such a relationship requires trust on both sides and a real belief in the importance of attracting the very best talent into the business. The results speak for themselves with Carr’s Group consistently being able to employ the best people in the industry on a planned and strategic basis.’

Tim Davies Chief Executive Officer, Carrs’s Plc

Our approach

The Eden Search & Select Research team spent a significant period of time gaining a deep understanding of the briefs but due to the close nature of our relationship, and as acting as an extension of the Carr’s Group management team, we had already identified and in some cases engaged with, potential candidates in previous years. Our strong sector knowledge of the industry coupled with our Head of Agribusiness’ experience of working at Board level meant that the quality of candidate conversations, the detailed understanding and presentation of Carr’s Group plc, offered an accurate representation of the business as well as a range of compelling opportunities to senior industry leaders.

The results

Following our very strong shortlists and the jointly planned interview process, Carr’s Group plc have now appointed some of the most respected senior Directors in the industry who have excellent leadership and people skills coupled with the technical knowledge to drive the business forward.

Given these results Eden Search and Select continue to support the Carr’s Group organisational development strategy and engage with potential talent for future appointments every day of the week.

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