Seed Trading Manager


Greenvale Seed is a major grower and supplier of seed potatoes. They are unique in having their own dedicated seed sales team which has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the growing, storing and marketing of seed crops.

Continuing our strategic relationship with the Group, Eden was briefed on the need to find a Seed Trading Manager as part of a medium-term succession plan. Early-on, it was recognised that this search would not be easy but Eden was trusted to deliver because of their understanding of the business and what makes a successful Greenvale employee.

‘We tasked Eden with a search that we knew would be exceptionally challenging given the role parameters – and it was. Despite this, Eden persevered and presented us with an exceptional shortlist from which we were able to appoint a fantastic candidate that simply was not anywhere near our radar initially.’

Andy Ferguson, Group Human Resources Director, Produce Investments

Our approach

Through consultation with our Head of Agritech, the brief became clear namely, to find a great leader with a good understanding of UK agriculture and a knowledge of commercial success. The team ‘fit’ was also critical given the need to build a rapport quickly.

Eden’s Research Team initiated a thorough search of the seed potato, and potato, sectors resulting in some options to consider. Further research was needed to bolster this list and a new approach was taken which meant thinking ‘outside of the box.’

The results

This renewed approach meant looking into an aligned sector which resulted in the appointment of a brilliant individual who is making great strides in the role.

This project was a brilliant example of Eden’s ability to pivot when needed and to be able to work with our clients to look at different options. It was only through trust and a long-term strategic relationship that we were able to do this.

Please contact Darren Houghton to find out more about this project.