Group Head of Strategic Delivery


Wynnstay is a leading supplier of agricultural products to farmers and businesses throughout the UK. Their range of expertise is vast and complex from manufacturing, through to retailing and agronomy. Building on a multi-year partnership with Wynnstay, we were tasked to support the business in their search for a Group Head of Strategic Delivery.

Eden’s Head of Agritech worked closely with the Group Personnel Director to define the boundaries of the brief and to understand the strategic capabilities required of this role. It was recognised early-on that this would be challenging but Eden was well-placed to identify candidates with the right ‘fit.’

Our approach

Given the unique nature of this position and the range of disciplines required within the skill set mix, we designed a bespoke national search campaign. Our research team uncovered talent across the manufacturing and retail sectors as well as the food production industry.

A range of talent was offered from those who specialised in organisational change through to commercial delivery and operational improvement. Our assessment process further filtered this down to a select number of candidates who met the cultural needs of the company.

The results

A brilliant appointment was made, and the successful candidate continues to be impactful and effective in the role. Furthermore, additional candidates were identified who could be considered for other leadership positions in the future.

This is a great example of the changing nature of skill sets and requirements at an executive level. Eden’s value in knowing Wynnstay was important as this was new territory and therefore required a sensitive approach.

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