Procurement Director


Carr’s Flour Mills is a leading miller and supplier to bakers, retailers and manufacturers across the UK. They have an international supply chain and in recent years they have had to navigate the impacts of COVID and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Building on a decade’s long relationship, Eden was tasked to support the senior team in their search for a successor to the incumbent Procurement Director.

Our approach

By spending time with the executive, and listening, our Head of Agritech understood that the business needed a particular set of skills which are unique and not easily found. It was therefore suggested that the brief would become slightly broader to find talent that could ‘step-up’ into the role and evolve into the Procurement Director position within time.

Recognising this, and understanding the cultural profile of Carr’s, Eden designed a bespoke search campaign that involved attracting talent from the milling, food and wider consumer sectors.

The results

Our search proved successful and resulted in a few options for the client to work with. All the candidates met the needs of the role and some also demonstrated capabilities beyond the brief which resulted in them being considered for future leadership opportunities.

An appointment was made, and the successful candidate continues to make a strong and positive impact today. Moreover, the client commented positively on the process and the excellence of the candidate found.